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A unique world. A simple and uncluttered world.


A golfing world that doesn’t see bunkers, or trees, or ponds, or even fairways. It’s a world where all that matters is knowing where you want your golf ball to go and how good you are at achieving that goal.


Knowing how many fairways you’ve hit doesn’t do anything to make your golf better. The commonly kept golf statistics won’t tell you how you’re playing.  


Switch your mind away from convention, think TARGET and play golf like a Pro. This achieves two benefits. 1) You improve your ‘course management’ as you think your way around and 2) You play to your strengths, eliminating your weaknesses.


Where do you want the ball to be after you’ve played your shot, based on your skill level of course? Now, where did it actually finish? Assessing the difference between the two is called measuring achievement against target. Knowing the difference is the key to immediate improvement in your golf. Knowing your golf stats is that key.  This is the unique world of yourstats.  A golfing world understood by The English Golf Union, The Ladies’ Golf Union, The Danish Golf Union, many leading international golf coaches and sports psychologists and the hundreds of golfers across the planet who are already successfully using yourstats.


Know your data

Know your analysis

Know yourstats

Welcome to our world
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